I. Purchasing a Wireless Adapter

Depending on where you want to receive our internet service, there are many USB wireless adapters, bridges, or wireless cards you can buy. We personally recommend the Engenius EUB-362 or EUB-862. Other devices are used at your own risk.

The EUB-362 or EUB-862 may be purchased at CompUSA or at these online stores.

1) TWAcomm
2) Poleware Technologies
3) American Direct Sales


II. Installation

1) Unpack your EUB-862 wireless adapter and assemble it with the directions provided.

2) Insert the CD that came with the box into your computer.

3) Click on DRIVER and save the file to your computer.

4) Make sure the wireless adapter is NOT plugged into the computer. Click on and run the setup.exe file that was saved to your computer during the previous step. Click on Next or agree to the following questions asked during the installation.

5) During the middle of the installation, it will ask you to insert the adapter. At this time, do that. The device should be inserted into the computer slot above this symbol: . Follow the rest of the steps.


III. Setting up a Wireless Internet Connection in the Home

A wireless transmitter in Pecan Park, courtesy of TFA and Rice University

Not every place in your home is a good location for a wireless adapter. Follow these steps for getting the best signal inside your home.

Another wireless transmitter located in Houston’s Pecan Park

1) Place your computer near the outside wall facing the closest TFA antenna. Here are the antenna sites around the Pecan Park area. We recommend using the one inside the same circle as your house. If your home is located inside multiple circles, then use the antenna site nearest your home.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

1) Place your USB adapter near a window.   Make sure the adapter is in a secure location and it is not likely to be knocked off or damaged.

2) When using the internet, any obstacle can weaken the signal received by your computer. We recommend that you raise blinds, pull back curtains, and remove anything else which may block the signal. Try to avoid windows with significant tree cover directly outside.

3) If you are using the EUB-362 or EUB-862 device, open your 802.11 WLAN Client Utility and look at the signal strength meter inside the Current Status tab. Move your adapter throughout the room to find the best spot. Any location that does not average a good signal should not be used. Example shown below:

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01