a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization


 Technology For All …

empowers low-income, underserved and vulnerable persons through the tools of technology.


We do this by partnering with …

… local community based organizations, educational institutions, corporations, foundations, technology providers and the public sector to provide computer access and training.

As we work together …

… we create educational, economic and personal opportunities for our clients and the communities in which they live.


    To be the leader in digital inclusion activities across Texas so that all gain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to achieve success in an increasingly digital world.

    In 1995, the U.S. Department of Commerce released a report on the “digital divide” to show the limited computer access found in urban, rural and underserved communities.  This divide has only continued to expand.

    Technology For All is now reaching out to our communities, foundations and individuals for support as our federal grant comes to an end. In addition, we are primed to work with corporations, fellow nonprofits like Connected Texas and other organizations to provide training through fee-for-service programs in rural and urban communities. We combine the latest technology with personalized training.

    Join us as we continue to close the “digital divide” for all Texans through the tools of technology. You can Support Us with donations of cash, computer equipment or other in-kind donations, or volunteering.

TFA’s Houston office is located inside of the Mission Milby Community Development Center.