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Check out our new overview video at the Giving Library.

Technology For All was recently selected for inclusion in the Giving Library, a groundbreaking initiative that connects donors to nonprofit organizations through online video interviews. In these interviews, our President and CEO, Will Reed, talks about the history, mission, vision and programs of Technology For All.  The videos are now available on the Giving Library website for anyone wanting to view more information on our organization.

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Technology For All Launches Computer Certification Series


Houston, Texas – January 27, 2014 – Technology For All (TFA), a Houston nonprofit, in partnership with Houston Community College, is implementing a series of computer certification classes combined with contextualized GED preparation or English as a Second language (ESL) classes that started Tuesday, January 21, 2014. The classes are made possible by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Accelerate Texas Program.

Accelerate Texas concurrently enrolls students into contextualized GED Prep classes or ESL support classes while they are training for high demand technical careers . They also receive career counseling and job placement assistance. Students completing the program will obtain an industry recognized certification that will prepare them to find employment in the Information Technology field and earn a household sustainable income.

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Tech For All Training Classes Generate Success Stories

Pictured: Vic Sowell at the computer, making use of his newfound computer literacy.

Technology For All (TFA) has provided free computer training, under the banner of the Texas Connects Coalition (TXC2) partnership, to rural and underserved communities in Texas since 2009. Since then, thousands of users have attended a number of classes amounting to more than 3 million total hours in training. The training, ranging from basic computer and Internet skills through social media and word processors, helps students to become empowered through computer use.

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Training Helps Families Stay Connected

Technology For All’s program specialists are always looking to help new computer users find ways to use technology to improve their life. Tom Swinnea, program specialist at the Bastrop Public Library, recently shared the success story of several of his students. Tom said, “With Technology For All, it is always a pleasure to work with someone creating their first email address.  For two Bastrop Public Library patrons, their email lives started last week.”

One older gentleman’s chief need is to communicate more easily with his relatives. He also wanted to share pictures with his extended family, so Tom’s classes taught him email basics, including how to send emails with photo attachments.

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Bridging Cultures in Smithville

Bridging Cultures in Smithville

Pictured: TFA provided laptops and a pre- and post-presentation survey to gauge community reaction to the book discussion.

On Sept. 16, the Smithville Public Library, in conjunction with the Smithville Independent School District, hosted a book discussion at the Smithville High School. The event, titled “Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys,” marked the first in a series of book discussions about literature featuring Muslim culture, led by scholars from the University of Texas and Texas State University. The first discussion, centered around the novel In the Country of Men by Hisham Matar, invited world geography students at the high school and citizens from around the community to partake in a civil discourse about Muslim culture and values through the context of literature.

Technology For All’s (TFA) contribution to the event came in the form of five laptops, used to conduct surveys before and after the discussion. John Dees of TFA helped develop the discussion surveys, which were used to gauge community awareness of and attitude towards the “Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys” program. The availability of multiple laptops displaying electronic copies of the surveys allowed attendees to quickly record their observations of the event, with generally favorable responses.

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